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Red Horse

18 May

Red Horse Beer

Brewer: San Miguel Brewery

Location:  Philippines – Five locations

Interesting Fact: The smiling face horse label was once rumored to have a higher alcohol content than the non-smiling horse label. This myth proved not to be true. The company simply changed the label graphics in a 1992 upgrade.

Alcohol Percentage:   7.0%

Survey says: This beer is said to have “the right kick and taste for the action-oriented individual.” When poured, this beer had a nice golden color with only light carbonation and very little head. It had a non-beer, light aroma. The panel found it to have a refreshing, distinct, pleasant flavor with some sweetness and no bitterness. It was very smooth and drinkable. The panel would definitely buy this brew again being that we are so action-oriented!!!


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