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20 Jul

Primator Double Bock 

Brewer: Primator A.S.

Location: Nachod, Czech Republic

Interesting Fact: The Czechs are #1 in the world in per capita beer consumption @ 334 U.S. pints/year.

Alcohol Percentage:   10.5%

Survey says: This was a truly unique beer for this panel, having never tried a Dopplebock Style brew before. This style is traditionally a very strong, high alcohol beer developed by Friars in Germany. It has a very dark amber color with a small creamy head. It is only lightly carbonated.It has a very rich, heavy, thick body but an almost creamy soft mouth-feel. The flavor is surprisingly sweet and smooth. The sweetness is somewhat molasses like and definitively the greatest overall taste sensation. There is a bit of alcohol detection in the flavor as well. This is not a beer you would want to guzzle. It is definitely a sipper to be enjoyed with a meal or as an after dinner drink. The panel was split on whether they would try it again. Like many things in life I think this beer is one you would have to acquire a taste for, but worth sampling just for fun.


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