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Double Aught Pilsner

10 Feb




Brewer : Bear RepublicImage result for bear republic double aught pilsner images

Location : Cloverdale, Ca

Alcohol % :  5.0

IBU : 25

Appearance : Light yellow color, large white head

Aroma :  Yeasty

Body : Light

Interesting Item  : Bear Republic’s name refers to California’s 1846 Bear Flag Revolt in which a small group of American settlers in California rebelled against the Mexican government there


Survey Says : This brew was light bodied and very refreshing. It was slightly sweet and very drinkable with no bitter notes. This beer is a good simple lager with nothing to get too excited about. Despite its name, this brew comes across as more of a lager than a pilsner style brew since there is very little hops flavor.

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Pacifico Clara

22 Oct




Brewer : Cerveceria De CoqhuilaImage result for pacifico clara

Location : Nava, Mexico

Alcohol % :  4.5

IBU : 15

Appearance : Clear, light yellow color.  Nice white head that dissipates quickly

Aroma :  Yeasty

Body : Light

Interesting Item  : This Mexican pilsner-style beer, first brewed in 1900, was named Pacifico because of its location in the Pacific Ocean port city of Mazatian in Sinaloa, Mexico.

Survey Says : This is a very smooth tasting brew with just a very slight tone of bitterness. It has a medium level of carbonation. It has a much better flavor than Corona. It as a nice flavor and is very easy to drink. It would be great on a hot summer day.

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Lion Imperial Premium Malt Pilsner

31 Aug

Lion Imperial Premium Malt Pilsner

Brewer: Lion Brewery 

Location:  Biyagama, Sri Lanka

Interesting Fact: Lion Brewery was the first brewery in Sri Lanka, established in 1881

Alcohol Percentage:  8.8%

Survey says:  This was a delightful medium-body foreign beer, with a neat picture of a lion on the label. It had a nice fruity aroma. The color was a rich amber-orange, with little to no head. This beer was only lightly carbonated. It definitely has a fruity, sweet, apple cider type flavor. It is not bitter at all, but does have some malt type tones. There really is not much hint of alcohol flavor. It is very easy to drink being that it is almost cider-like, but at 8.8% alcohol it could quickly impact your day! The panel loved it and one member went so far as to call it “awesome.” I would definitely try this one again some day.