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New Castle Scotch Ale

15 Mar

Brewer :  Caledonian Brewing Company LTD

Location :  Edinburgh, UK

Alcohol Percentage : 6.4%

IBU : 40

Interesting Fact : This beer is the first offering by Newcastle of what it calls “collaboration edition”  beers made with some of Europe’s oldest breweries. It is a limited time offering available from November 2014 through February 2015

Survey Says : There was little to no aroma with this beer. It has a nice medium amber color and poured to a tan head. Expecting a strong malt flavor, I was surprised by the initial bitterness on the first taste. It has a medium body and fairly strong malty flavor. The overall taste though is quite bitter and it seemed this bitterness overwhelmed the maltiness. It does have an IBU of 40 so there are significant hops present. It was drinkable but I would not want a second one or choose it again in a bar or restaurant. It left a  bitter aftertaste in your mouth.

Rating :