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Lucky Buddha

10 Aug

Lucky Buddha

Brewer: Cheerday Brewery

Location:  Hangzhou,Chunan County Zhejiang Province China

Interesting Marketing Gimmick: Definitely the unique bottle design and color

Alcohol Percentage:   4.8%

IBU: 12

Survey says:  This Chinese beer   has the coolest jade green bottle shaped like a laughing Buddha.    It is most certainly a conversation piece.  The beer however isn’t much to get excited about.  Fortunately it did not have the “skunky”  aroma or flavor that many green bottle beers posses.  It had no detectable aroma.  It was very light bodied   and smooth with a hint of sweetness. If anything it was lacking in flavor. One panelist called it the”Kool-Aid of beer.  While it had no glaring flaws, it just wasn’t very exciting.   While it certainly isn’t the best beer , it certainly has the best bottle.



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