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Longboard Island Lager

8 Apr

Longboard Island Lager

Brewer: Kona Brewing Company

Location:  Kona Hawaii

Interesting Fact: Kona Brewing Company produces the number one craft beer in the state of Hawaii.

Alcohol Percentage:   4.6%

Survey says: What could possibly be better than lying on Waikiki Beach and sipping a cold one brewed right in Hawaii? Well sipping just about any other beer that’s what could be better.  This light lager had virtually no head when poured, next to no carbonation and little if any aroma. It did have a nice light yellow color. There was very little flavor of any kind. It was similar to the big brewery light beers. There really was nothing to dislike about it in terms of bitterness,  hoppiness or drinkability  but it simply was not distinctive in any way and was just very bland, almost watery. It was however smooth to the end. So the next time you’re in Hawaii and wanting to try something different at the local bars, the panel says please skip this one and you’ll have a better time!


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