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Hinano Tahiti Premium Beer

28 Apr

Hinan0 Tahiti

Brewer: Brasserie De Tahiti

Location:  Papeete, Tahiti

Interesting Fact: The iconic label featuring a woman “vahine” was designed by Swedish painter Pierre Heyman in 1955. It was modified in 1962 to today’s more familiar look which included the vahine getting a longer face, bigger breasts and four toes on the foot.

Alcohol Percentage:   5.0%

Survey says: This Tahitian treat has been brewed in Tahiti since 1955. It  is a very light, lager- style beer. It is lightly carbonated and exhibited little aroma. It had a very small head when poured. This is a simple non-complex beer, yet is very refreshing and extremely drinkable. A touch of hops flavor can be detected.  It would be good with most foods. The panel felt they would buy this one again. Despite its simpleness, this was still a good beer. It would be even better on a beach in Tahiti. Let’s go!!  Continue reading