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Fuller’s 2013 Vintage Ale

5 Jun

Brewer : Fuller Smith and Turner

Griffen Brewery

Location : London, UK

Alcohol  Content : 8.5%

IBU : 38

Interesting Item : This unique beer is produced in limited amounts each year. The bottles of each year’s vintage are individually numbered. We sampled bottle #117373 from 2013. Fullers recommends aging this beer for 3-4 years, rather unusual for a beer.

Survey Says : First of all I have to say that any bottle of beer that comes individually packaged in a handsome box must be pretty good and this brew was just that. This beer was a pretty amber color. It was slightly cloudy due to the fact that it was bottle conditioned . The flavor was medium strong with definite bitterness. It was quite smooth and very enjoyable and drinkable. The hops notes definitely come through and may be a little too strong for some but I think overall it  was a reasonably well balanced ale. Overall a very good experience.

Rating :

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