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Taco Truck Amber Lager

16 Jan

Brewer : Dust Bowl Brewing Company

Location : Turlock, CaImage result for photos of taco truck beer

Alcohol % :  4.7

IBU : 20

Appearance : Nice rusty amber color. Large tan head

Aroma : No distinct aroma

Body : Light

Interesting Item : Brett Tate, whose grandfather  immigrated  from Oklahoma in the 30’s, founded Dust Bowl Brewing. He is a retired high school teacher and coach from Turlock. In 2009 Dust Bowl Brewing produced its first beer know as Hops of Wrath.

Survey Says : Very interesting amber lager Mexican Style beer. Good mild malty flavor. Very flavorful, drinkable and refreshing. This brew would be a nice change of pace for a Mexican dinner vs. the usual weak flavored Mexican beers. There was no bitterness or bad aftertaste.  Very smooth tasting with no hoppiness. This was a very enjoyable beer with just enough malt flavor that I would definitely try again.

Rating :



Dust Bowl Brewing Company Hops of Wrath

30 Sep

Hops of Wrath

Brewer: Dust Bowl Brewing Company

Location:  Turlock, California

Interesting Fact: Founder and owner, Brett Tate, was born and raised in Turlock and actually has a B.A. from Turkey Tech.

Alcohol Percentage:   6.6%

Survey says: This IPA style brew was quite intriguing with its literary referencing (Hops Of Wrath) and the fact that it is made in Turlock, California of all places. It has a fruity aroma and a nice light copper color. It is medium bodied and only lightlycarbonated. The flavor was bittersweet with a prominent hops taste. The panel was split on this one, but overall it was good, similar to a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. The literary referencing and location alone make this one worth trying again!

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