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Carlsberg Elephant

10 Jun

Carlsberg Elephant

Brewer: Carlsberg Danmark A/S

Location:  Copenhagen Denmark

Interesting Fact: The famous Elephant Gate ,  at the original Carlsberg brewery site in Copenhagen was completed in 1901. It takes its name from the four large granite elephants which flank the gate.

Alcohol Percentage:   7.2%

Survey says: Billed as a strong Euro lager, this beer comes in a green bottle with no label other than the neck band. Launched in 1959, the elephant nomenclature was used to depict the “strong like an elephant”  flavor and alcohol content. The brew had very little head when poured, but had a distinct beer yeasty aroma. It has a nice golden color. This beer was very drinkable with no indication of the higher alcohol content. Surprisingly, this beer has a very pleasant almost fruity flavor with much sweetness coming through. The panel thoroughly enjoyed this one. Maybe the Scandinavian blood of some of the panelists had a positive influence, but overall this was a very enjoyable discovery.


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