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Victory Golden Monkey

20 Jan

Brewer : Victory Brewing CompanyImage result for golden monkey beer

Location : Downington, PA.

Alcohol % :  9.5%

IBU : 25

Interesting Fact : Since its introduction in 1997 this craft beer has been Victory Brewing Company’s number one selling brand

Survey Says : This medium bodied brew had a sweet, yeasty aroma. It had a cloudy golden color with a nice tan head. This Belgian-style tripel ale has some spice added which can be detected in its flavor. The taste is very smooth with both maltiness and some sweetness coming through. There are no bitter notes or negative aftertastes. It is very easy to drink and quite enjoyable. I would definitely try this one again and would recommend it to friends.

Rating :



Leffe Blonde

3 Apr

Leffe Blonde

Brewer: Abbaye de Leffe

Location:  Stella Artois Brewery Leuven, Belgium

Interesting Fact: The origins of this beer date back to 1152 when the original abbey which brewed this ale was founded in Southern Belgium.

Alcohol Percentage:   6.6%

Survey says: This pale blonde Belgian ale brew exhibited a very nice, thick white head on pouring. It had an appealing sweet aroma with a medium level of carbonation and medium body overall. It has a very distinctive flavor, kind of fruity with a touch of bitter hops. The flavor reminds one of an IPA style beer. The panel was mixed on this one with one saying they would buy it again and another saying once is enough! Obviously it did not make a very strong impression with the panel overall.


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