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Double Aught Pilsner

10 Feb




Brewer : Bear RepublicImage result for bear republic double aught pilsner images

Location : Cloverdale, Ca

Alcohol % :  5.0

IBU : 25

Appearance : Light yellow color, large white head

Aroma :  Yeasty

Body : Light

Interesting Item  : Bear Republic’s name refers to California’s 1846 Bear Flag Revolt in which a small group of American settlers in California rebelled against the Mexican government there


Survey Says : This brew was light bodied and very refreshing. It was slightly sweet and very drinkable with no bitter notes. This beer is a good simple lager with nothing to get too excited about. Despite its name, this brew comes across as more of a lager than a pilsner style brew since there is very little hops flavor.

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Bear Republic Red Rocket Ale

28 Sep

Red Rocket  Ale

Brewer: Bear  Republic Brewing Co., Inc.

Location:  Healdsburg, California

Interesting Fact: Bear  Republic Brewing is a small family run micro brewery and restaurant located in Healdsburg.

Alcohol Percentage:   6.8%

Survey says: This non-filtered ale has a deep amber color. It has a hoppy aroma. It is only lightly carbonated with just a little foam on pouring. It has a very strong distinctive flavor with an aggressive hop character. It is full bodied. This beer was somewhat of an enigma to the panel. While no one felt it was objectionable, none really cared for it either. One panelist said they would prefer wine over this beer. This ale was just simply too strongly flavored for this panel’s likes.

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