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Ass Kisser Smoked Porter

5 Aug

Smoked PorterAss Kisser Porter Pounder Smoked Porter

Brewer: Ass Kisser Beverage Company

Location:  San Jose, California

Interesting Fact: Frank Rocca , the owner of Ass Kisser Beverage originally started up a winery in Australia. Years later he decided to start a craft beer business in the U.S. Having been called an “ass kisser” once while on a sales trip after complimenting someone in a restaurant, the phrase stuck with him him . The new company’s name was born.

Alcohol Percentage:   8.0

Survey says: This uniquely named beer had a light tan head and is a very dark colored brew. It supposedly has a smokey aroma but the panel did not detect it. This beer has a very strong malty flavor. It is somewhat bitter and not at all smooth. It is meant to have a smokey, toasty taste but it seemed burnt to the panel. The flavor was not at all appealing or enjoyable. The beer’s name and its 8% alcohol level were about the only positives that could be drawn. We would not recommend this beer.

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