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Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout

10 Aug

Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout

Brewer: Anderson Valley Brewing Company

Location: Boonville, Ca

Alcohol Percentage:   5.7%

IBU: 14

Interesting Fact: Anderson Valley has over 200 unique bottle caps. They have a “Hall Of Foam” for anyone who has managed to collect 50 or more!!!

Survey says: This beer had a big, full head. It had a very dark, deep ebony color. It was very drinkable, being quite smooth. It exhibited a light malt flavor. Being a stout and only having an IBU of 14, it was definitely not bitter. If you like stouts this beer would be worth a try.




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23 Mar

Rainier Ale 

Brewer: Pabst Brewing Company

Location: Irwindale, Ca

Interesting Fact: Originally brewed in Seattle,  Pabst now owns the label and brews the beer in California. Pictured is the old iconic red neon “R” from the original Seattle brewery. It is now located in a local museum.

Alcohol Percentage:   7.3%

Survey says: Rainier Ale is an old school beer that many people today remember seeing their grandfather drink. It’s history of brewing in Seattle goes back to the 1880’s.  This brew had an awesome, light, puffy head and a nice light yellow color with little to no aroma. It was highly carbonated and had an alcohol content of 7.3%. (No wonder grandpa liked it!) It has a very mild, light smooth flavor with virtually no hops taste at all. It is quite drinkable and refreshing. The panel felt it was worth drinking again but not worth really seeking it out.


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Pabst Blue Ribbon

29 Jul

Pabst Blue Ribbon

Brewer:  Pabst Brewing Company

Location:  Milwaukee, WI

Alcohol Percentage:   4.7%

Survey says:  This is one of the old domestic standbys. It initially has a refreshing, light taste. It could be called a smooth, clean flavor. The panel said that it has a regular beer flavor, nothing unique or unusual. Unfortunately by the end of the can it has that old school beer bitter aftertaste. I suppose if you guzzle it you can avoid this, but if you like to enjoy your beer more slowly you will have to deal with the aftertaste.