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Alimony Ale India Pale Ale

9 May

India Pale Ale

Brewer: Independent Brewers United

Location:  Seattle, Portland or Berkeley

Interesting Fact: This beer was originally produced for a customer going through a divorce.

Alcohol Percentage:   6.8%

Survey says: This IPA style brew was very interesting due primarily to its rather unique name. Back in 1987 it was considered to be the bitterest brew in America. Over the years that view has changed although it has gotten quite a few bad reviews  This beer had a very large head. It was a slightly dark caramel color and exhibited very little aroma. The panel definitely detected some distinct flavor but not bad flavor.  It does have some bitterness and a hoppy taste. It tasted like an average IPA style beer. The panel was split on whether they would try it again. Although not bad, I would have to say the label was better than the brew itself!




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