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Brother David’s Triple Abbey Style Ale

27 Jun

Brother David’s Triple Ale

Brewer: Anderson Valley Brewing Company 

Location:  Boonville, California

Interesting Marketing Gimmick: On the brewery grounds near Boonville,  Anderson Valley Brewing has a famous 18 hole disc golf course.  For 5 bucks you can play the course all day and then redeem your coupon for $5 off purchases!

Alcohol Percentage:   10%

Survey says: This brew had very little aroma and just a light head. This beer has a very sweet and fruity flavor. It has a nice smooth mouth feel and is surprisingly light bodied. Candy sugar is added during the brewing process to add alcohol and give a medium high carbonation. Despite the 10% level of alcohol, it really is not detectable in the taste. It is definitely not a hoppy type flavor and the panel considered it to not have a typical beer taste. This is a very drinkable  beer that the panel definitely liked and would try again.

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