Franziskaner Dunkel

24 Jul

Brewer : Spaten-Brau

Location : Munich, Germany

Alcohol % : 5.0

IBU : 12

Interesting Fact : In Bavaria, Dunkel is a traditional dark style beer, brewed in Munich. Munich malts give Dunkels their dark color. Dunkels are weaker than German Dopplebocks.

Survey Says : This brew is a dark unfiltered wheat beer. It had little aroma but did have a slight yeasty smell. Being unfiltered it had a cloudy, medium brown appearance and poured to a large tan head. This German ale had a sweet, very smooth and refreshing taste. With a low IBU, there was little to no hoppiness. It was lightly carbonated and medium bodied. It was very drinkable, with no bitter aftertaste. I would definitely try this German dark beer again.

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Ayinger Altbairisch Dunkel

12 Jul

Brewer : Ayinger Brewery

Location : Ayinger Germany

Alcohol % = 5.0

IBU = 21

Interesting Fact : The Ayinger Brewery has been producing beer for over 130 years in the world renown Bavarian beer region of Germany. Only 10% of its beer is exported with the majority being sold in Germany.

Survey Says : This German beer labels itself as an authentic Bavarian dark beer. It has a deep dark brown color and a large foamy tan head.The aroma was sweet and malty. The flavor was full bodied with a slight sweetness. There was just a hint of bitterness which blended quite well with the overall malty flavor. It was fairly smooth and quite drinkable and since I had the pint sized bottle this was great!! This brew would go well with many foods but I think any type of beef would be especially good with it. I really enjoyed this English brew and would definitely try it again as well as recommend it to anyone who is a little tired of today’s hoppy craft beers.

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Fuller’s ESB

4 Jul

Brewer : Griffin Brewery

Location : Chiswick Lane South London England

Alcohol % :  5.9

IBU : 35

Interesting Fact : This popular English beer has won the World Champion Beer Award twice giving it the nickname “The Champion Ale”

Survey Says : This strong ale was introduced in 1971. It had a nice medium amber color with virtually no head when poured. There was little detectable aroma and it was only lightly carbonated. The taste of this medium bodied English brew was quite smooth with just a hint of bitterness. It exhibited some malty notes with some slight fruity sweetness. This was a very drinkable, well balanced ale or as the Brits would say its tastes were “spot on”. I would definitely try this beer again given the opportunity.

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Tetley’s Smooth Flow English Ale

2 May

Brewer : Carlsberg Group

Location : Leeds, UK

Alcohol : 3.6%

Interesting Fact : In a 1911 advertising gimmick,  Tetley’s challenged Houdini to escape from a padlocked metal cask of ale. He couldn’t get out and had to be rescued

Survey Says : This brew came in a widget can, so it was highly nitrogenated. Obviously the widget makes for a very foamy, large head that is initially quite impressive. There was very little aroma. It exhibited a medium amber color. The flavor was just slightly bitter with a light malty taste. It had a fairly light and smooth taste that had just a hint of sweetness with little hoppiness. It was OK overall but I’m not ready to rush out and find a six pack of this english ale.

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Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc

29 Mar

Brewer : BK 67200

Location : Strasbourgh France

Alcohol Level :  5.0 %

IBU : 0

Marketing Gimmick :  This beer is bottled in a very modern and elegant blue bottle. Very Cool !!

Survey Says : This brew is a premium wheat beer which has only been produced since summer 2008. It exhibited little to no aroma. It has a slightly cloudy yellow color with a large tan head. This is a very smooth and drinkable beer with virtually no hoppiness. It is light bodied with a sweet refreshing fruit taste. The fruity flavor is citrus like. While it doesn’t have the bitterness that many of today’s brews exhibit it still has a nice flavor and was quite enjoyable. Did I like it? Yes.  Would I try it again? Most certainly. If you’re a hops freak you may not like this beer but it defintely is a very enjoyable drinkable beer.

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New Castle Scotch Ale

15 Mar

Brewer :  Caledonian Brewing Company LTD

Location :  Edinburgh, UK

Alcohol Percentage : 6.4%

IBU : 40

Interesting Fact : This beer is the first offering by Newcastle of what it calls “collaboration edition”  beers made with some of Europe’s oldest breweries. It is a limited time offering available from November 2014 through February 2015

Survey Says : There was little to no aroma with this beer. It has a nice medium amber color and poured to a tan head. Expecting a strong malt flavor, I was surprised by the initial bitterness on the first taste. It has a medium body and fairly strong malty flavor. The overall taste though is quite bitter and it seemed this bitterness overwhelmed the maltiness. It does have an IBU of 40 so there are significant hops present. It was drinkable but I would not want a second one or choose it again in a bar or restaurant. It left a  bitter aftertaste in your mouth.

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Paulaner Salvator Double Bock Ale

16 Feb

Brewer : Paulaner BrauereiImage result for paulaner salvator

Location : Munich, Germany

Interesting Fact : This beer dates back to the 18th century. The Paulander monks drank Salvator Double Bock as a substitute for food during Lent.

Alcohol % : 7.9

IBU : 28

Survey Says : This German brew had a sweet malty aroma. When poured it exhibited a cloudy light amber color with a large foamy tan head. It was just lightly carbonated. This double bock had a wonderful pleasant malty flavor with just a little sweetness. It was medium bodied and very drinkable. It is very smooth with no bitterness or bad aftertaste. I liked this beer a lot and would definitely try it again!

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Santa’s Private Reserve

15 Feb

Brewer : Rogue AlesRogue Santa Beer Christmas with rogue santa

Location : Newport, Oregon

Interesting Fact : The brewery was founded in 1988 in Ashland. In 1989 it moved to a garage in Newport located beneath one of Mohava Niemi’s clam chowder restaurants.

Alcohol  :  5.3%

IBU  : 65

Survey Says : This brew poured to a large tan foamy head. It is a reddish amber color. Very little aroma could be detected. It was medium bodied. There was no sweetness to the flavor. This beer is quite bitter. For an ale it exhibits very little maltiness. It is definitely more hoppy than malty. With a high IBU of 65 this is not surprising. This seasonal Christmas blend is made with double the amount of the usual hops plus an additional mystery hop called Rudolph. This craft beer was just way to bitter for my taste. I don’t think even Santa would like the beer!

Rating :

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John Henry 3 Lick Spiker Ale

30 Jan

Brewer : Cold Spring Brewing Company

Location : Cold Spring,  Minnesota

Interesting Fact : Founded in 1874, this brewery was built at the site of a natural spring discovered by French Canadian trappers in the 1500s. The water, still used today for this brew, was claimed to be uniquely refreshing and the spring became a regular stopping point for West bound travelers.

Alcohol % : 9.1

Survey Says : Like the name John Henry implies this is a strong flavored brew which has been aged on bourbon oak chips. It has a very deep, dark blackish color and pours to a large creamy tan head. Very little aroma detected. It is lightly carbonated and fairly heavy bodied. It has a strong malty flavor with just a hint of oak notes and no particular hop bitterness. It reminded me of a bold stout such as Guinness. This is not a guzzling type of beer and it seemed to smooth out as it warmed. Cold Spring refers to this ale as a “sipping ale” which I totally agree with and at 9.1% alcohol you don’t want to be rushing through it! Not bad overall.

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2 Nov

Brewer: Asia Pacific Breweries, LTD.

Location: Singapore

Interesting Facts: Tiger beer gained considerable popularity in Detroit in October 2006 when the Detroit Tigers played in the World Series. Asia Pacific Breweries is wholly owned by Heineken.

Alcohol %: 5

IBU: 21

Survey says: This pale lager was launched in 1932. The brew had a pleasant aroma and a light golden color. It poured to a large white head. It is a light bodied beer very similar to American adjunct lagers. It had a sweet flavor with just a slight hint of sharpness. One panelist noted a very slight fruity, banana taste.  While not a strong flavored brew it definiotely has some flavor and was quite pleasant. This is a very drinkable beer, with no real negatives. The panel agreed they would try it again.

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