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Monkshine Blonde Ale

28 Feb

Brewer : Uinta Brewing Company

Location : Salt Lake City, Utah

Alcohol Content : 6.8%

IBU : 26

Interesting Fact : This Utah beer is certified organic by the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food. It is brewed with organic barely and hops.

Aroma : Sweet, yeasty typical beer smell

Body : Medium

Appearance : Cloudy, golden yellow color, small head

Survey Says :  This brew had a very nice, smooth flavor with just a bit of hoppiness. It was lightly carbonated . Although it has a 6.8% alcohol content it was not evident in the taste. It was very drinkable. The bitterness from the hops was just enough to enhance the flavor without being too hoppy. There was no bad aftertaste. I would try this brew again.


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Tetley’s Smooth Flow English Ale

2 May

Brewer : Carlsberg Group

Location : Leeds, UK

Alcohol : 3.6%

Interesting Fact : In a 1911 advertising gimmick,  Tetley’s challenged Houdini to escape from a padlocked metal cask of ale. He couldn’t get out and had to be rescued

Survey Says : This brew came in a widget can, so it was highly nitrogenated. Obviously the widget makes for a very foamy, large head that is initially quite impressive. There was very little aroma. It exhibited a medium amber color. The flavor was just slightly bitter with a light malty taste. It had a fairly light and smooth taste that had just a hint of sweetness with little hoppiness. It was OK overall but I’m not ready to rush out and find a six pack of this english ale.

Rating :







2 Nov

Brewer: Asia Pacific Breweries, LTD.

Location: Singapore

Interesting Facts: Tiger beer gained considerable popularity in Detroit in October 2006 when the Detroit Tigers played in the World Series. Asia Pacific Breweries is wholly owned by Heineken.

Alcohol %: 5

IBU: 21

Survey says: This pale lager was launched in 1932. The brew had a pleasant aroma and a light golden color. It poured to a large white head. It is a light bodied beer very similar to American adjunct lagers. It had a sweet flavor with just a slight hint of sharpness. One panelist noted a very slight fruity, banana taste.  While not a strong flavored brew it definiotely has some flavor and was quite pleasant. This is a very drinkable beer, with no real negatives. The panel agreed they would try it again.

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Back in Black

27 Jun

Brewer: 21st Amendment Brewery

Location: San Francisco, California

Interesting Fact: The character pictured on the can is Paul Revere on his famous midnight ride. The brewery claims they are rebelling against British style IPA with this brew!

Alcohol Percentage:   6.8%

Survey says: As the unique name implies, this IPA style brew was practically black in color. I suppose it’s the “Rich Dark Malts” referenced on the label that accounts for this dark color. It poured to a very light head with a nice beer aroma.  It has a full, rich heavy body similar to a Guinness style beer. Although this is an IPA, it did not taste overly hoppy and did not have that bitter bite so often experienced with today’s IPAs. There was no hint in flavor to the slightly higher alcohol content of 6.8%.  It was very drinkable. The panel liked this one and would definitely try it again.

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23 Mar

Rainier Ale 

Brewer: Pabst Brewing Company

Location: Irwindale, Ca

Interesting Fact: Originally brewed in Seattle,  Pabst now owns the label and brews the beer in California. Pictured is the old iconic red neon “R” from the original Seattle brewery. It is now located in a local museum.

Alcohol Percentage:   7.3%

Survey says: Rainier Ale is an old school beer that many people today remember seeing their grandfather drink. It’s history of brewing in Seattle goes back to the 1880’s.  This brew had an awesome, light, puffy head and a nice light yellow color with little to no aroma. It was highly carbonated and had an alcohol content of 7.3%. (No wonder grandpa liked it!) It has a very mild, light smooth flavor with virtually no hops taste at all. It is quite drinkable and refreshing. The panel felt it was worth drinking again but not worth really seeking it out.


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Hinano Tahiti Premium Beer

28 Apr

Hinan0 Tahiti

Brewer: Brasserie De Tahiti

Location:  Papeete, Tahiti

Interesting Fact: The iconic label featuring a woman “vahine” was designed by Swedish painter Pierre Heyman in 1955. It was modified in 1962 to today’s more familiar look which included the vahine getting a longer face, bigger breasts and four toes on the foot.

Alcohol Percentage:   5.0%

Survey says: This Tahitian treat has been brewed in Tahiti since 1955. It  is a very light, lager- style beer. It is lightly carbonated and exhibited little aroma. It had a very small head when poured. This is a simple non-complex beer, yet is very refreshing and extremely drinkable. A touch of hops flavor can be detected.  It would be good with most foods. The panel felt they would buy this one again. Despite its simpleness, this was still a good beer. It would be even better on a beach in Tahiti. Let’s go!!  Continue reading

Dust Bowl Brewing Company Hops of Wrath

30 Sep

Hops of Wrath

Brewer: Dust Bowl Brewing Company

Location:  Turlock, California

Interesting Fact: Founder and owner, Brett Tate, was born and raised in Turlock and actually has a B.A. from Turkey Tech.

Alcohol Percentage:   6.6%

Survey says: This IPA style brew was quite intriguing with its literary referencing (Hops Of Wrath) and the fact that it is made in Turlock, California of all places. It has a fruity aroma and a nice light copper color. It is medium bodied and only lightlycarbonated. The flavor was bittersweet with a prominent hops taste. The panel was split on this one, but overall it was good, similar to a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. The literary referencing and location alone make this one worth trying again!

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Coors Light

18 Aug

Coors Light

Brewer: Coors Brewing Company

Location:  Golden Colorado

Clever Marketing: Two stage cold activation labeling (Mountains Turn Blue)

Alcohol Percentage:  4.2%

Survey says:  The mountains were blue when we opened our 24 oz. can, nicknamed the Silver Bullet. I assume that means we were tasting it at the right temperature. Coors Light is a very highly carbonated beer and very light in color. It has just a hint of beer aroma. The flavor is very mild, almost sweet with just a slight bit of yeasty taste. One panelist likened the flavor to that of a white wine spritzer. There was no hops flavor or bitterness, but a slight grain note was detected. It was refreshing and overall not too bad.



3 Aug


Brewer: Anheuser-Busch InBev

Location:  St. Louis, Missouri

Marketing Slogan: Clear and Bright as Mountain Air

Alcohol Percentage:   4.6%

Survey says: Busch was the first beer introduced by Anheuser-Busch after prohibition was repealed. The current version of this beer was introduced in 1955, as Busch Bavarian Beer. This beer is very light and refreshing. It is highly carbonated which adds to its flavor profile. There is a hint of sweetness in the flavor but really no hops flavor or bitterness. It is relatively bland but smooth. It stays smooth until the end of glass too. It is very easy to drink and would be great at a ball game or when out for pizza. The panel really enjoyed this brew and preferred it over either Bud or PBR.



2 Aug


Brewer: Anheuser-Busch InBev

Location:  St. Louis, Missouri

Clever Marketing: Budweiser Clydesdales and Budweiser Frogs

Alcohol Percentage:   4.8%

Survey says: Budweiser is touted as “The best selling beer in America.” It has over 50% of the U.S. market share. Also known as “The King of Beers”, the beech-wood aged giant is extremely bland. It is not highly carbonated and if anything it tastes almost watered down. It is definitely not offensive in any way, but the flavor is very weak with virtually no hops flavor. One panelist commented that it almost tasted like mineral water.On the brighter side, it did not get a raunchy aftertaste at the end of the glass.  If you like very light tasting beer with no real flavor this Bud’s for you!