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Taco Truck Amber Lager

16 Jan

Brewer : Dust Bowl Brewing Company

Location : Turlock, CaImage result for photos of taco truck beer

Alcohol % :  4.7

IBU : 20

Appearance : Nice rusty amber color. Large tan head

Aroma : No distinct aroma

Body : Light

Interesting Item : Brett Tate, whose grandfather  immigrated  from Oklahoma in the 30’s, founded Dust Bowl Brewing. He is a retired high school teacher and coach from Turlock. In 2009 Dust Bowl Brewing produced its first beer know as Hops of Wrath.

Survey Says : Very interesting amber lager Mexican Style beer. Good mild malty flavor. Very flavorful, drinkable and refreshing. This brew would be a nice change of pace for a Mexican dinner vs. the usual weak flavored Mexican beers. There was no bitterness or bad aftertaste.  Very smooth tasting with no hoppiness. This was a very enjoyable beer with just enough malt flavor that I would definitely try again.

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Pacifico Clara

22 Oct




Brewer : Cerveceria De CoqhuilaImage result for pacifico clara

Location : Nava, Mexico

Alcohol % :  4.5

IBU : 15

Appearance : Clear, light yellow color.  Nice white head that dissipates quickly

Aroma :  Yeasty

Body : Light

Interesting Item  : This Mexican pilsner-style beer, first brewed in 1900, was named Pacifico because of its location in the Pacific Ocean port city of Mazatian in Sinaloa, Mexico.

Survey Says : This is a very smooth tasting brew with just a very slight tone of bitterness. It has a medium level of carbonation. It has a much better flavor than Corona. It as a nice flavor and is very easy to drink. It would be great on a hot summer day.

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Zywiec 1881 Porter Beer

8 May

Brewer : Zyweic Brewery

Location : Zyweic, Poland

Alcohol  Content :  9.5%

IBU : 32

Interesting Marketing Gimmick : Zywiec claims that this excellent dark stout, brewed since 1881, has health-giving properties.

Survey Says : This Polish brew had a sweet, pleasant aroma and a very dark almost black color. The head was large and dark tan in color. There was just medium carbonation. This porter beer had a fairly strong malty flavor with some tart/bitterness, but not too much. This is not a beer you would guzzle due to the strong flavor and high alcohol content. Rather, this brew was meant to be enjoyed like a fine wine and sipped slowly. This heavy bodied beer had no bad aftertaste either. I would definitely try it again sometime.

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Inedit Damm

20 Mar

Brewer : C.C. Damm

Location :  Barcelona, Spain

Alcohol  Content :  4.8%

IBU : 15

Interesting Item : This beer was created by a combination of several award winning chefs. The intent was to brew something that would compliment just about any food.

Survey Says : This Spanish brew is a Belgian style wheat beer (Witbier). It had very little aroma and a light yellow color which was cloudy due to being an unfiltered wheat beer. It was lightly carbonated, hence a small head when poured. It was quite light bodied. This brew was very smooth, slightly sweet and somewhat fruity tasting. There was absolutely no bitterness as attested by its low IBU of 15. This was a very refreshing and easy to drink/guzzle type beer. It almost reminded me of drinking lemonade on a warm summer day. It was almost too easy to drink. I liked this beer and would definitely try it again, but would prefer it as a cool refresher on a hot day.

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Anchor Steam

15 Nov

Brewer : Anchor Brewing Company

Location : San Francisco, California

Alcohol % :  4.9

IBU : 35

Interesting Fact : Anchor Steam derives its name from the 19th century when “steam” was a nickname for beer brewed on the West Coast under primitive conditions without ice.

Survey Says : Nice light orange amber color with little detectable aroma. It poured to a large tan foamy head. It had a fairly strong flavor for an ale. Some light hops were evident. Medium bodied. The flavor was fairly smooth and quite drinkable. This was a refreshing ale with just enough hop flavor to make it interesting, It is brewed with all barely malt and no fillers which contributes to a very good flavor profile. I would definitely try this one again.

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Belhaven Scottish Stout

7 Aug

Brewer : Belhaven Brewery

Location : Dunbar Scotland

Alcohol % : 7.0

IBU : 0

Marketing Gimmick Belhaven Bill is the famous trademark, created in the 1950’s. Bill is a large (fat) fisherman wearing sea boots. He represents the beer and its sea location.

Survey Says : This Scottish stout has a deep,dark almost black color, with very little aroma.  The dark color is almost intimidating but once you get that first sip you realize this is a very enjoyable experience. It is heavy bodied but has a nice malty flavor with just a hint of bitterness. The flavor is robust, creamy and full. It is very smooth and very drinkable. There was no bad aftertaste with this stout. The panel liked this one and would try it again.

Rating :

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Hitachino Nest JCA

2 Sep

Japanese Classic Ale

Brewer: Kiuchi Brewery

Location: Naka, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan

Interesting Fact: The beer is matured in cedar casks.

Alcohol Percentage:  7%

IBU:  13

Survey says: This Japanese beer had a cloudy amber color and a huge head.  There was a pleasant yeasty beer aroma. The brew was very refreshing with a nice citrus, fruity flavor. With an IBU of 13 it obviously had some hops flavor but there was just enough bitterness to give the sweetness some bite. It was a good sharp flavor without being too bitter. All in all this was a good pale ale and quite enjoyable.


Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout

10 Aug

Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout

Brewer: Anderson Valley Brewing Company

Location: Boonville, Ca

Alcohol Percentage:   5.7%

IBU: 14

Interesting Fact: Anderson Valley has over 200 unique bottle caps. They have a “Hall Of Foam” for anyone who has managed to collect 50 or more!!!

Survey says: This beer had a big, full head. It had a very dark, deep ebony color. It was very drinkable, being quite smooth. It exhibited a light malt flavor. Being a stout and only having an IBU of 14, it was definitely not bitter. If you like stouts this beer would be worth a try.




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Lobotomy Bock Lager

6 Jul

Lobotomy Bock

Brewer: Indian Wells Brewing Company

Location:  Inyokern, California

Interesting Marketing Gimmick: This company calls itself  “The Biggest Little Brewery in the World” and prides itself on using pure artesian spring water from the historic Indian Wells Spring. The water flows underground from high in the Sierras near Mount Whitney.

Alcohol Percentage:   10.5%

Survey says: This uniquely named brew has a very dark color. There was little to no head and next to no aroma or fragrance. Despite the 10.5% alcohol level there was no perception of it in the taste. This brew had an almost root beer style flavor and sweetness. It was very drinkable which could be a problem with its alcohol content. The overall flavor was malty with no aftertaste or hoppiness. If you  do not like today’s hoppy craft beers this might be a good choice for you. The panel felt it was definitely worth trying again.

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Brother David’s Triple Abbey Style Ale

27 Jun

Brother David’s Triple Ale

Brewer: Anderson Valley Brewing Company 

Location:  Boonville, California

Interesting Marketing Gimmick: On the brewery grounds near Boonville,  Anderson Valley Brewing has a famous 18 hole disc golf course.  For 5 bucks you can play the course all day and then redeem your coupon for $5 off purchases!

Alcohol Percentage:   10%

Survey says: This brew had very little aroma and just a light head. This beer has a very sweet and fruity flavor. It has a nice smooth mouth feel and is surprisingly light bodied. Candy sugar is added during the brewing process to add alcohol and give a medium high carbonation. Despite the 10% level of alcohol, it really is not detectable in the taste. It is definitely not a hoppy type flavor and the panel considered it to not have a typical beer taste. This is a very drinkable  beer that the panel definitely liked and would try again.

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