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Everyone Gose Mad

23 Jun



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Brewer : Mad River Brewing

Location : Blue Lake, Ca

Alcohol % :  4.9

IBU : 13

Appearance : Very large foam head. It has a bright yellow color and is quite cloudy being unfiltered

Aroma :  Sweet

Body : Medium-Light

Interesting Fact : in 1989,  Bob Smith, Mad River’s founder, bought Sierra Nevada Brewing Company’s old original brewing equipment from his long time acquaintance Ken Grossman and founded the company. That system is still in use today.

Survey Says : This is a Gose Style beer, which means it is brewed with predominantly malted wheat. Gose beers, which originated in Germany, are typically sour and salty flavored. This beer is no exception. It has some sweetness and some fruity citrus notes. This  Gose has a very different flavor. It definitely has bitter/sour tones and a hint of saltiness. It is fairly smooth  and  drinkable but not my personal cup of tea.

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Deschutes Obsidian Stout

27 May

Brewer : Deschutes BrewryImage result for deschutes obsidian stout

Location : Bend, Oregon

Alcohol % :  6.4%

IBU : 55

Interesting Fact : This brew was voted by the World Beer Awards in 2016 as America’s Best Stout

Survey Says : This Northwestern brew had a nice yeasty aroma and it poured to a dark head. This stout is practically black in color. It is very lightly carbonated. This dark beer has a strong toasty malt flavor with some sharp bitter notes. With a slightly high IBU of 55 for a stout, it expresses more than expected hoppy bitterness. It also left a bitter aftertaste. I prefer stouts with a smoother malty flavor and little to no bitterness. Overall I was disappointed with this style stout.

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Insanely Bad Elf

16 Feb

Beer : Insanely Bad Elf Imperial Red Ale

Brewer : Ridgeway Brewing

Location : Oxfordshire UK

Alcohol Content : 11.2 %

Aroma : Very little

Appearance : Clear, light golden color with minimal head

Body : Medium

Marketing Gimmick : The label used for this ale depicts an elf in a straight jacket. It states that Santa concluded that after visiting this elf, “sanity is over-rated!”

Survey Says : This seasonal beer had a fairly strong flavor. It was just lightly carbonated. There were some toasty notes but also  some bitter hoppiness was evident. The bitterness was not at all overbearing and tended to blend well with the toasty maltiness. This is a high alcohol brew and it was quite evident rather quickly! You wouldn’t necessarily want to belt down this beer too quickly. This ale was not bad, but was nothing to write home about. I would probably not care to try it again.

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Ayinger Celebrator Double Bock

20 Aug

 Brewer : Ayinger BreweryImage result for ayinger celebrator doppelbock beer

Location : Aying, Germany

Alcohol % :  6.7

IBU : 24

Interesting Item :  The serving suggestions for this German brew include roast goose, cured ham, smoked duck, and wild turkey and then enjoy a fine cigar!

Survey Says : This beer had a nice, sweet and fruity aroma. It has a very dark brown color and poured with a huge tan head. The flavor was a full bodied strong malty one. The initial sip was quite bitter. It seemed a little hoppy which was unexpected. The flavor was definitely strong throughout but the bitterness continued as well. This brew might indeed taste better with some goose or duck but it was a little too bitter just to drink. I would not try it again.

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New Castle Scotch Ale

15 Mar

Brewer :  Caledonian Brewing Company LTD

Location :  Edinburgh, UK

Alcohol Percentage : 6.4%

IBU : 40

Interesting Fact : This beer is the first offering by Newcastle of what it calls “collaboration edition”  beers made with some of Europe’s oldest breweries. It is a limited time offering available from November 2014 through February 2015

Survey Says : There was little to no aroma with this beer. It has a nice medium amber color and poured to a tan head. Expecting a strong malt flavor, I was surprised by the initial bitterness on the first taste. It has a medium body and fairly strong malty flavor. The overall taste though is quite bitter and it seemed this bitterness overwhelmed the maltiness. It does have an IBU of 40 so there are significant hops present. It was drinkable but I would not want a second one or choose it again in a bar or restaurant. It left a  bitter aftertaste in your mouth.

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12 Sep

Tsingtao Beer

Brewer: Tsingtao Brewery Company LTD.

Location: Quingdao, China

Interesting Fact: Tsingtao is the number one Chinese beer in the U.S. and is the number one consumer product exported from China!!!

Alcohol Percentage: 4.8%

IBU: 18

Survey Says: This Chinese favorite had a slight yeasty aroma and a light golden color. It had a very large white head. The flavor was very light and mild. It is a very smooth and refreshing brew with no bitterness or hoppy tones despite and IBU of 18. There really is not much to it. It is a very average lager beer. It would be a great summer time guzzler but nothing to get excited about.



Lucky Buddha

10 Aug

Lucky Buddha

Brewer: Cheerday Brewery

Location:  Hangzhou,Chunan County Zhejiang Province China

Interesting Marketing Gimmick: Definitely the unique bottle design and color

Alcohol Percentage:   4.8%

IBU: 12

Survey says:  This Chinese beer   has the coolest jade green bottle shaped like a laughing Buddha.    It is most certainly a conversation piece.  The beer however isn’t much to get excited about.  Fortunately it did not have the “skunky”  aroma or flavor that many green bottle beers posses.  It had no detectable aroma.  It was very light bodied   and smooth with a hint of sweetness. If anything it was lacking in flavor. One panelist called it the”Kool-Aid of beer.  While it had no glaring flaws, it just wasn’t very exciting.   While it certainly isn’t the best beer , it certainly has the best bottle.



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20 Jul

Primator Double Bock 

Brewer: Primator A.S.

Location: Nachod, Czech Republic

Interesting Fact: The Czechs are #1 in the world in per capita beer consumption @ 334 U.S. pints/year.

Alcohol Percentage:   10.5%

Survey says: This was a truly unique beer for this panel, having never tried a Dopplebock Style brew before. This style is traditionally a very strong, high alcohol beer developed by Friars in Germany. It has a very dark amber color with a small creamy head. It is only lightly carbonated.It has a very rich, heavy, thick body but an almost creamy soft mouth-feel. The flavor is surprisingly sweet and smooth. The sweetness is somewhat molasses like and definitively the greatest overall taste sensation. There is a bit of alcohol detection in the flavor as well. This is not a beer you would want to guzzle. It is definitely a sipper to be enjoyed with a meal or as an after dinner drink. The panel was split on whether they would try it again. Like many things in life I think this beer is one you would have to acquire a taste for, but worth sampling just for fun.


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Alimony Ale India Pale Ale

9 May

India Pale Ale

Brewer: Independent Brewers United

Location:  Seattle, Portland or Berkeley

Interesting Fact: This beer was originally produced for a customer going through a divorce.

Alcohol Percentage:   6.8%

Survey says: This IPA style brew was very interesting due primarily to its rather unique name. Back in 1987 it was considered to be the bitterest brew in America. Over the years that view has changed although it has gotten quite a few bad reviews  This beer had a very large head. It was a slightly dark caramel color and exhibited very little aroma. The panel definitely detected some distinct flavor but not bad flavor.  It does have some bitterness and a hoppy taste. It tasted like an average IPA style beer. The panel was split on whether they would try it again. Although not bad, I would have to say the label was better than the brew itself!




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Longboard Island Lager

8 Apr

Longboard Island Lager

Brewer: Kona Brewing Company

Location:  Kona Hawaii

Interesting Fact: Kona Brewing Company produces the number one craft beer in the state of Hawaii.

Alcohol Percentage:   4.6%

Survey says: What could possibly be better than lying on Waikiki Beach and sipping a cold one brewed right in Hawaii? Well sipping just about any other beer that’s what could be better.  This light lager had virtually no head when poured, next to no carbonation and little if any aroma. It did have a nice light yellow color. There was very little flavor of any kind. It was similar to the big brewery light beers. There really was nothing to dislike about it in terms of bitterness,  hoppiness or drinkability  but it simply was not distinctive in any way and was just very bland, almost watery. It was however smooth to the end. So the next time you’re in Hawaii and wanting to try something different at the local bars, the panel says please skip this one and you’ll have a better time!


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